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24th-Aug-2009 02:22 am - hello Livejournal..
juju graceful
It is I..

That is all.

The End.

Do people still use this?

I think Facebook is so the new LJ.

http://facebook.com/mrs.green - add me.

21st-Mar-2009 11:47 pm - le sigh.
My mom has been in and out of the hospital for the last 2 weeks. It's crazy. She has a bad case of Pnemonia as well as high sugar (she's diabetic) and really low blood pressure. Some prayers would be nice right about now.

Umm.. Friday Five:

It's the "stranded on a desert island" question! You can only take one thing from each category. What is it and why are you taking it?

1. A food that can be planted and regrown.
Strawberries, obviously.

2. A person you haven't seen in a long time.
Crystal and Andrea. OMG how the 3 of us rocked together. <3

3. A book you (were) read as a child.
A Light In The Attic and Where The Sidewalk Ends both by Shel Silverstein. I have the whole poem "Don't You Ever Laugh As A Hearse Go By" memorized.

4. A celebrity.
Lately, April Matson. I can't get over her freakin voice. As for eye candy and sexual favors, hello Jensen. :)

5. The entire episode run of a television show (it's a very nice desert island).
A toughy. Either Buffy, Everwood, or Dark Angel.
23rd-Nov-2008 06:15 pm - I ALWAYS KNEW OZZY WAS UNDEAD
alexa - all smiles
28th-Aug-2008 08:14 pm - VOTE FOR BUFFY @ EMMYS, PASS IT ON.
drama category
vote for TV's most memorable moment
Buffy the Vampire Slayer - "The Gift"


It's about freakin time it gets acknowledged.
17th-Jul-2008 07:30 pm - HOLY FUCK!!! NEW TWILIGHT TRAILER!!!

I. am. obsessed. The new book needs to come out already, damnit. I need my fix.

It comes out 5 days after my birthday. <333
5th-May-2008 07:10 pm - ABOUT FUCKIN' TIME..
notebook it was real
5th-Apr-2008 09:27 pm - GIGGLEFEST
alexa - all smiles
A little something to make you guys giggle..

It's not really a fansite or anything but I hate searching through youtube with a passion so this way all my funnies are all in one place. Thought I'd share.
24th-Mar-2008 05:48 pm - CHARACTER-SITES.COM
I opened Character-Sites.com because Janine is a bad influence. I am working on a Peyton-Sawyer.com and Janine bought Brooke-Davis.com ... You know you wanna be cool like us. Lol
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